Koma – Sangoma E.P – 140 Ninja


Koma returns to 140 Ninja with this powerful 2 track E.P. The Bristol based producer is set to make his mark on the bass music community this year!

Track – 01 – Sangoma

If this track were defined in two words it would be “controlled chaos”. the atmospheric textures and delays along with the gritty growls perfectly obtain a loose organic feel to fill the spectrum above a chugging sub line.

The intro leads you down into the depths with a droning synth like a swarm of angry wasps. Coupled with a eerie Dub vocal with a tight delay making it just fall out of syncopation and providing a natural sound.

The Hi hats in a triplet rhythm pattern add an element of fast pace to the half time step provided by the kick and snare combo. this patterned with a great development of rhythm from various percussive elements really add a healthy evolving movement to the track.


After building up again from some low rumbling textures, the second drop really hits hard. With space left in between some beats, breaking up the structure and leaving you hanging before hitting you again with sub bass pressure. The evolution of the growls in the second drop really kicks up the energy whilst still relating brilliantly to the first section.


Track – 02 – Barmecide 

For track two, Koma strips it back to to a minimal and spacious vibe. The Intro counts you in over some low crackling textures, then being joined by a bumping kick to build up the pace and set up for the first drop.

The Vocal and atmospheric stabs varying with different delays join with a marching sub line to create a reall steppa of a first drop. Koma obviously understands the vital rule of sculpting the spaces between elements to perfectly control a track.

The second section see’s the sub beefed up with a really low and gritty synth just adding that low mid fuzz to make you nostrils vibrate in the dance.


All in all a massive Moss thumbs up on this release!

Release date 20/02/17  – Pre Order available on the 140 Ninja Bandcamp Page http://