sonar lineup 2015

Must See @ Sonar 2015

Sonar 2015 is nearly here and returns with the usual packed line up of quality artists. It can be hard to pick who to see as there is so much good music on offer, so we’ve put together a schedule of Bass Music artists that we think are pushing and representing the scene.


Thursday 18th, By Day:

skygazeSkygaze – The Skygaze name has been heard on the Spanish underground circuit for some time now, never more so since the release of the “Smooth EP” on Neonized Records a few months ago. Skygaze is the musical project by Jaime Tellado, an architect by profession and a music fan from an early age. He began producing under his current alias in 2103, quickly drawing attention from small labels like SoullessLab, PyraFunk, Love Our Records and Pentax. Last year he secured an artistic residency in the Laboral de Gijón art centre, and he recently participated on the excellent compilation “Iberian Juke Vol. 1”, curated by BSN Posse.

Thursday 18 12:00h – 13:00h
Sónar by Day – SonarVillage by Estrella Damm – LIVE


colectivo0Colectivo +0 – Collective +0, (currently formed by 11 people from Las Palmas and beyond) spent more than a decade working intensively on the dissemination and promotion of Canarian artists, organizing concerts, digital art events, clubbing sessions (like the popular parties Pub Pelukas) and especially the festival Próximo Las Palmas. The collective will be represented at Sónar by two of its founders and principle members: OswaldoH, resident dj at Mojo Club (the islands most important venue) and an open minded dj moving between funky techno and the multiple distinctions of bass music; and Woodhands, creator of Pub Pelukas and unpredictable selector, navigating between experimental jazz and the latest trends in grime, house and cutting edge electronica.
Thursday 18 13:00h – 15:00h
Sónar by Day – SonarVillage by Estrella Damm – DJ


staSTA – Dub is a malleable and highly flammable material in the hands of STA. Created and led by Pope –in turn member of the exquisite contemporary electro-lounge-jazz group Bradien, and noise experimentalist with project Fuego- STA just released the extraordinary “Devastation” on the French label Control Tower.
Thursday 18 15:00h – 15:45h
Sónar by Day – SonarVillage by Estrella Damm – LIVE


innercutInnercut – Adrià Domenech, aka Innercut, has attracted attention from around the world with just a few tracks posted on the Internet.
He has a warm, well-crafted and current sound, combining post-dubstep, neon synths and an openly pop vocation.
Thursday 18 15:45h – 16:45h
Sónar by Day – SonarVillage by Estrella Damm – LIVE


laoLAO – Dubstep house from Mexico DF. Lauro Robles keeps cool refining his menacing, out-there, bass-driven stompers. Robles has filtered his love of Basic Channel’s dub techno and Aphex Twin’s ambient soundscapes into his own thing: a zealous mix of house, techno and dubstep, with subtle local and regional undercurrents.
Thursday 18 16:50h – 17:50h
Sónar by Day – SonarDôme – DJ


jetsJ.E.T.S. (Jimmy Edgar & Machinedrum) – J.E.T.S. is a project that brings together two of the most eccentric personalities and dance music clairvoyants of our time: Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart (aka Machinedrum). After a 12-year friendship, it was inevitable that at some point they would combine their respective talents. The result is a perfect convergence of their characteristic sounds: Edgar’s cutting edge, lustful electro-funk and Stewart’s love for the footwork genre and syncopated rhythm. They have already released two EPs on Berlin label Leisure System –including a featuring by Jamie Lidell– and they continue to work on new material, which may well figure in their performance on the main stage at Sónar by Day.
Thursday 18 19:15h – 20:15h
Sónar by Day – SonarVillage by Estrella Damm – LIVE


mumdanceMumdance & Novelist feat. The Square – Mumdance is one of the UK’s most exciting producers of club music, but the fresh perspective he brings to grime. Novelist. Along with his crew, The Square, the young Lewisham MC leads the pack of emerging artists putting a fresh spin on grime for a new generation.
Thursday 18 20:30h – 22:00h
Sónar by Day – SonarDôme – DJ


Friday 19th:

By Day

torusTorus – Beats in black and white. Timbaland, Philip Glass, Wanda Group, DJ Mustard – a disparate cast of characters, to be sure, but all part of the pattern for Torus, JoeriWoudstra’s nom de guerre for his far-flung, codeine-dipped excursions.

Friday 19 13:30h – 14:45h
Sónar by Day – SonarDôme – DJ



ossieOssie – When UK funky made a space for itself amid the explosion of dance music that followed broken beat, Ossie helped provide the soundtrack. His debut EP Tarantula, a sub-Saharan slice of ravey funk, surfaced in 2011; shortly after, Hyperdub released Set The Tone, a similarly bright dance record that fused together chopped up, sharp African rhythms, talkbox vocals and unsteady synths to generously pleasing effect.
Friday 19 18:45h – 19:55h
Sónar by Day – SonarDôme – DJ


squarepusherSquarepusher – Squarepusher’s success has been built upon the foundations of experimental dance music and the Miles Davis school of jazz. A superlative virtuoso bassist and producer, Jenkinson has delivered several integral music works of our time (“Hard Normal Daddy”, “Ultravisitor”, “Feed Me Weird Things”, “Music Is Rotted One Note”).
He has experimented unreservedly with jungle, electro, techno or drill’n’bass, without ever losing sight of harmonies and melodies from classical jazz and soundtracks composers.
Friday 19 20:30h – 21:45h
Sónar by Day – SonarHall – LIVE


By Night:

blasttoBlastto – Carlos Llorente was born in Guadalajara but has been living in London for some time now. Blasttto’s creative and groundbreaking spirit is also evident in his work with the Brrrrrap collective/web, as well as in his sets, where the most up to date genres including hip-hop, grime, bass music, crunk, juke and jungle converge.

Friday 19 21:30h – 22:40h
Sónar by Night – SonarClub – DJ


asap rockyA$AP Rocky – Ambitious and charismatic hip-hop. In the bustling and over crowded world of North American hip-hop, few have emerged as dazzling and impressive as Rakim Mayers, aka A$AP Rocky. he undisputed star of the genre and leader of the A$AP Mob is a multi-faceted artist with many interests. His Sónar 2015 performance will take place one week after the release of his long awaited follow third record At.Long.Last.A$AP. Featuring production by Danger Mouse and Clams Casino among others, it’s preceeded by the two singles ‘Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2’ and ‘Everyday’ feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson.
Friday 19 22:45h – 23:45h
Sónar by Night – SonarClub – LIVE


rl grimeRL Grime – Although his music is typically defined as trap, Henry Steinway is not interested in pigeonholing his sound. Instead, he prefers to avoid his music being labelled and simply refers to it as dance music with a hip-hop influence, which is exactly what we hear on his exciting and recent debut album, “Void”. RL Grime’s material contains everything a modern track should have: an infectious electro sound, cutting hip-hop beats, powerful dubstep bass, euphoric acid frequencies, and the electronic depth of the very best techno. When combining these elements with a formidable set of images and bright lights, the result is one of the most intense shows that can be experienced in today’s electronic dance music sphere.
Friday 19 02:10h – 03:10h
Sónar by Night – SonarClub – DJ


jamiexxJamie XX – As if it were not already abundantly clear that Jamie Smith is one of the most inspired producers to emerge from the UK this decade, “Sleep Sound” and “All Under One Roof Raving” finally lay any lingering scepticism to rest. Pure Class…..

Friday 19 02:30h – 03:50h
Sónar by Night – SonarPub – DJ


skrillexSkrillex – love him or hate him, you will be entertained… Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, is undoubtedly one of the international scene’s most charismatic producers and on stage ringmasters, capable of generating extraordinary adrenaline in every one of his shows in which he converts his boundless energy into punk, hardcore and current electronica.

Friday 19 03:15h – 04:45h
Sónar by Night – SonarClub – DJ


dj freshDJ Fresh – In recent years Daniel Stein has given new impetus to his career as Dj Fresh. This is as a result of a series of live shows under the “FRESH/LIVE” banner, and through the evolution of his sound, typically associated with the conventions and fundamental foundations of drum’n’bass. In this new era Stein has stayed true to his moniker, collaborating with vocalists that –like him–transcend the genres by which they are identified, like Dizzee Rascal and Dominique Young Unique, this last one with a track co-produced by Diplo. He recently returned to notoriety with “Dibby Dibby Sound”, yet another banger produced with Jay Fay and featuring the powerful voice of Ms. Dynamite. Dj Fresh arrives at Sónar fully energized and ready to close proceedings on Friday night, following Skrillex’s performance at SonarClub.
Friday 19 04:50h – 06:00h
Sónar by Night – SonarClub – DJ

Saturday 20th:

By Day

touristTourist – William Phillips is the man behind Tourist, one of the most talked about projects on the British scene, especially since his recent signing to Disclosure’s Method label. The pivotal moment in his career came about with the release of EP “Patterns”, a contemporary slice of electronica containing subsonic sounds characteristic of bass music, r&b and UK garage elements, inspired melodic hooks and vocal contributions from the likes of Lianne La Havas and Will Heard.
Saturday 20 17:00h – 18:00h
Sónar by Day – SonarHall – LIVE


swindleSwindle – Grime meets jazz – Swindle has spent the past few years bubbling just below the surface, crafting a sound that combines genres as diverse as jazz and swing with grime and bass music: an amalgamation that with his deft touch sounds both original and exhilarating. The young British producer has released his explosive compositions on labels such as Planet Mu, Butterz and Deep Mehdi, as well as on his own platform, Swindle Productions.
Saturday 20 18:30h – 19:30h
Sónar by Day – SonarVillage by Estrella Damm – DJ


just blazeJust Blaze – Just Blaze –known to his parents as Justin Smith– started out as a DJ in Paterson, New Jersey, before going on to become a producer with one of the most envied discographies in the business. He first hit the charts in 1999 with Harlem World, Ma$e, and Kelly Price, but became renowned for his craft as a key collaborator for Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records. Hip hop legend.
Saturday 20 19:40h – 20:55h
Sónar by Day – SonarDôme – DJ


the bugThe Bug – The Bug is Brit Kevin Martin’s strongest project to date. He is an indispensable electronic underground figure in the UK with an urban connection. His latest LP “Angels & Devils” once again captures the beating drum of the city (in this case London) like no other. He exhaustively explores genres like dubstep, grime, industrial, ragga and hip-hop with album guests including the likes of Liz Harris (Grouper), Gonjasufi, Inga Copeland, Warrior Queen and Death Grips.
Saturday 20 20:30h – 21:30h
Sónar by Day – SonarHall – LIVE


skeptaSkepta & KME – Adenuga brothers Jamie and Joseph aka JME and Skepta have come a long way from sharing one computer to produce their tracks on, to forming the longest lasting grime supergroup.
Saturday 20 21:00h – 22:00h
Sónar by Day – SonarDôme – LIVE


By Night

will blakeWill Blake – Mime begins a new journey as Will Blake, with whom he explores sounds close to that of trap. His new tracks and edits (such as the one dedicatied to Patrick Swayze or a cool version of a Die Antwoord track) will lead him directly to Sónar by Night’s most riotous stage.

Saturday 20 23:30h – 00:30h
Sónar by Night – SonarCar – DJ


special requestSpecial Request – After 2013’s stunning “Soul Music”, Paul Woolford reactivates his jungle project with a string of forthcoming material for 2015. His Special Request alias has added fresh impetus to a long career and sees him incorporating the raw ingredients of drum’n’bass, hardcore and jungle-era pirate radio, transforming it into a fully contemporary sound.
Saturday 20 00:35h – 01:50h
Sónar by Night – SonarLab – DJ


the chemical brothersThe Chemical Brothers – present their new album “Born In The Echoes” at Sónar by Night with an unprecedented live show on the SonarClub stage, which promises to be spectacular, hypnotic and hallucinogenic. The Chemical Brothers’ eighth album is due for release July 17, three weeks before their live performance at Sónar, which will showcase forthcoming tracks from their new album, featuring collaborations from Q-Tip, St. Vincent and Beck, among others.

Saturday 20 01:30h – 03:00h
Sónar by Night – SonarClub – LIVE


pxxr gvngPXXR GVNG – Youthful trap. New Barcelona-based Spanish trap sensation formed by MCs D. Gómez (Corredores de Bloque member from Madrid), Yung Beef & Khaled (both from Granada and part of Kefta Boys) and Barcelona producer Steve Lean.

Saturday 20 01:40h – 02:25h
Sónar by Night – SonarCar – LIVE


annie macAnnie Mac – The restless and hyperactive lady from Dublin is no longer just one of the most popular stars of British radio: she is now considered in the top tier of djs and expert selectors with her unparalleled insight and knowledge of what makes the international electronica scene tick. Her relationship with Sónar goes way back, having presented a BBC Radio1 showcase for two consecutive years accompanied by artists like Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Jack Beats and Simian Mobile Disco. Mac has been chosen by BBC Radio 1 to replace Zane Low on the weekday evening show from 7pm – 9pm. This speaks volumes and further cements her position as an integral figure in today’s British electronic scene.
Saturday 20 02:20h – 03:20h
Sónar by Night – SonarPub – DJ


yeso¥€$Ø – It’s as if they appeared like extraterrestrials from another planet, but nothing is what it seems to be with this typographically impossible and satirically named duo. Although debuting just recently with several indisputable trap and juke hits uploaded to soundcloud, their quality and production brilliance is already plainly obvious.
Saturday 20 03:30h – 04:30h
Sónar by Night – SonarCar – LIVE