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Future Beats – 31 Recordings – Album Review

Christmas has finally come…..

future beats

When I heard Doc Scott was putting together a full album called “Future Beats” with 24 tracks from some of the most interesting movers in the scene, it immediately raised the hairs on the back of my neck with excitement. Then hearing the previews on the 31 Recordings Soundcloud account only confirmed this. With a release date of 15th December I immediately pre-ordered the vinyl box set. I rarely order vinyl these days and having anything sent to Spain always carries a risk of it disappearing into a black hole, taking a year to arrive or arriving folded into 4 parts…. and when it finally landed on my door step, all my Christmas’ came at once….

With a limited run of 200 copies and a promise “never to be repressed”, having the vinyl box set feels like I’m holding a piece of history in my hands.

future beats

The contributions from each artist on this album present a new realm of progression in the DnB sound, as well as the quality & variety found with in the broad spectrum of “Drum & Bass”.
Each track is unique, expressive and true the vibe & spirit of Drum & Bass, past, present and future.
Doc Scott’s vision with this album has given the world proof that the Drum & Bass scene is very much alive, and in my opinion, currently the most diversely expressive & creative genre of music in the electronic world of sound.
I stand by this strongly;

Future Beats is the most significant release of the year, if not the decade!

Here a full mix of the album here: https://www.mixcloud.com/duffer/bassline-revolution-56-31-recordings-future-beats-special-191214/
skip to 55mins 40 seconds to get straight to the mix.

Buy the digital release direct here

A1 Eastern District – Eight Days
A2 Calibre – Deep Orca
B1 Thing – One Million
B2 House Of Black Lanterns – Take Control
C1 Nucleus & Paradox – Chiron
C2 George Commix – Ghost Loops
D1 Digital & Spirit – Captive
D2 Gremlinz – Forlorn
E1 Bungle – Changes
E2 Hidden Turn – Dream Of Tron
F1 J:Kenzo – Talisman
F2 Cern – Don’t Leave Me
G1 Klute – Natural Observer
G2 Loxy & Resound – Purity
H1 Marcus Intalex – These Days
H2 Overlook – Persona
I1 Moresounds – Rahstok
I2 Ruffhouse – The Max Headroom Intrusion
J1 Sam KDC – Incarcerate
J2 SCAR – Treading Water
K1 Vromm – The Key
K2 Sinistarr – H3xx
L1 Ital Tek – Vector
L2 Skeptical – Offline

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